As a service to the Chicago community, our meditation classes are always offered free of charge with the goal of making the knowledge of meditation freely available and to encourage its practice.  We do this because, as Sri Chinmoy has said, “Meditation is everybody’s birthright. In meditation we establish our oneness with the entire world, and our whole being is inundated with peace.”

During the course of each class, it is intended that each student will have a personal experience of both concentration and meditation, and learn to successfully meditate on their own after the class ends.

While the structure and content of each particular class depends on the particular instructor’s preference, the basics which are always covered are:

  • Concentration exercises to help control our thoughts and prepare our system for meditation;
  • Various meditation exercises progressing from meditation on something tangible to meditation in silence.

Although the first step in meditation is to calm our thoughts, we then teach how to meditate in the spiritual heart, also known as the psychic centre. This is considered to be one of the gateways to higher consciousness and the quickest, safest way to reach the soul and eventually attain self-realization. Once we enter into our heart, we have found that we are able to go both higher and deeper and enter into another state of consciousness.

“My deep meditation means my heart-expansion.
Sri Chinmoy

Each class also includes discussions on related subjects such as making meditation part of your daily life, tips on improving your meditation, the deeper meaning of meditation, the philosophy of spirituality, etc.

Please see the Schedule page for current classes.  To register for current classes, call 773-248-8500 or use the contact form. 

If you have questions and prefer to be contacted by phone (or have a phone which cannot be texted), please call our message phone at 773-248-8500.  If you have questions and prefer to be contacted by text or email, please fill out our contact form


If we are not currently offering classes, or you are not able to attend them, we offer several online meditation classes.  Please see:

Online Meditation Guide

Home Study Meditation Course

Meditation Workshop

Guide to Starting and Maintaining a Meditation Practice

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