About Our Meditation Classes

Our basic meditation course covers the ABC’s of meditation, including posture, breathing and concentration techniques, practical advice on creating your own meditation space at home, and setting up your own daily meditation routine.

For those who wish to continue further with their meditation studies, we offer extended programs which address spiritual philosophy and how to integrate meditation with a spiritual lifestyle. We also offer special topic programs from time-to-time in response to public interest.

All of our classes include guided meditation exercises. And all of our classes are always offered FREE of charge.


Q: There are many different types of meditation. What kind do you teach?

A: We teach how to meditate in the heart center. We do not use any particular mantra or word repetition. We try to gradually quiet the mind and enter into the spiritual heart. For beginners we teach various techniques to help in this process.

Q: Is it difficult to learn to meditate?

A: It depends on each individual and how much effort is put in. Meditation comes very naturally to some people, while others need to put some practice into it. It’s actually quite a bit like learning to ride a bike. It just takes determination and repetition.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to the class? What should I wear?

A: No, you don’t need to bring anything. It will be helpful but not essential if you can wear clean, light-colored and loose-fitting, comfortable clothing. You will be sitting on folding chairs, but you may also sit on the (usually) carpeted floor if that is your preference. If you can shower before coming that is optimal, but if you are coming straight from work, that is OK. The most important thing is your desire to learn something about yourself during the class.

Q: Who is Sri Chinmoy?

A: Sri Chinmoy is our meditation teacher. There is more information about his life and philosophy on this website.

Q: Why is the class free?

A: Sri Chinmoy’s students offer meditation classes as a public service. All of us were once searching for peace and happiness and were fortunate enough to find it through meditation. The least we can do is offer the same opportunity to others!

Q: But is it really free?

A: YES! You will never be asked for a donation. In fact, we do not accept donations from the public! The classes are funded through donations from members of our meditation group, as well as sales of books and CDs. None of our meditation class instructors or organizers are paid for their time; all classes are offered as a public service.

Q: What is the Sri Chinmoy Centre?

A: The Sri Chinmoy Centre is a group of individuals from all faiths and walks of life who follow the path of meditation taught by Sri Chinmoy. Through meditation, we strive to cultivate peace and harmony within ourselves. Through public service, we strive to cultivate peace and harmony in the world at large.

Q: Are there continuing meditation classes?

A: Our goal in offering meditation classes is to help you establish your own daily meditation practice. If you feel that our style of meditation is good for you and you would like to sincerely follow a path of meditation, then we offer continuing classes where we teach more about Sri Chinmoy’s path. Information will be available at the workshop.

Q: Is this a religion?

A: No. Meditation is a technique we use to look within. It is something every human being can learn to do, regardless of their faith. What we find once we look within differs according to the nature of each individual.

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