Free Meditation Workshops


We regularly offer new classes, with each series consisting of one to four classes. Each class session builds on the previous session so your participation in all of the classes is encouraged.

We are also happy to speak with any group or organization about meditation. You can reach us at 773-248-8500 or fill out our contact form.

Roscoe Village
Victory’s Banner Books & Gifts
2135 W Roscoe St-Unit 1S
Chicago, IL 60618

Please note: 2135 W Roscoe is the SW corner building of Roscoe and Hamilton.
Victory’s Banner Books & Gifts is on Hamilton, south of Roscoe.

Meet our class instructors

Pradhan Balter

A native of New York, Pradhan moved to Chicago shortly after he became a student of Sri Chinmoy 49 years ago. His entertaining, inspiring teaching style makes meditation easily accessible. He has lectured across the United States and in over 30 countries on the full spectrum of meditation and the importance of meditation in daily life.

Prema Jackson

premaPrema Jackson was born and educated in Michigan, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech and Dramatic Arts from Eastern Michigan University. Deeply involved in the civil rights struggle of the times, she soon realized that the depth and intensity of her anger and frustration would only lead to her incarceration, institutionalization or death. She understood that in order to be a true catalyst of lasting change, she would have to find a core of deep peace which could weather any storm. Prema chose theatre as her vehicle for change, after which a series of mystical events led her to her own path to peace. Proceeding along this path, she is committed to sharing whatever peace and inspiration may be found – with respect for all people, all religions and all life on earth – as we continue our efforts to create a more just and equitable world.

Ganapati Coleman

Ganapati Coleman, PhD has practiced meditation for over 40 years, and is a computationally oriented engineer. Dr. Coleman believes in “giving back” and over the years has been a tutor, mentor, taught engineering merit badges for boy scouts and girl scouts, participated in the organization of the international Peace Run, aided in the delivery of humanitarian medical supplies to Liberia (where he was born), and has taught meditation to hundreds of spiritual aspirants both in the US and Africa. He grew up in the St. Albans Congregational Church in Queens, NY, and recalls some of his earliest spiritual experiences singing in its Youth Choir.

Sukantika Donovan

Sukantika began meditating with the goals of quieting her overactive mind as well as learning to be genuinely happy. Within her first month of daily meditation, she began to experience a deep sense of satisfaction and joy; she never turned back. Sukantika loves to offer personalized classes to assist students in making progress toward their individual goals.

Ranganath Carnahan

Ranganath has been a student of Sri Chinmoy for 47 years. An internationally-known artist for 35 years, and originally based in Santa Barbara, he now lives in Chicago. In his classes Ranganath emphasizes the spiritual journey through meditation and other disciplines.