There is something that resides in our spiritual heart that can really help our meditation if we know how to use it.  It’s called aspiration.  Aspiration and desire belong to the same family, but desire relates to our wanting material goods or things like name, fame, and power.

Aspiration is our inner cry for spiritual goals.  We feel it in our spiritual heart but it emanates from our soul.

When you sit for meditation, turn your attention inwards towards your heart, and see if you can feel an inner yearning.  If so, feed it.  You can make this process the entirety of your meditation session.

It is by increasing this cry that your meditation will improve and you’ll make spiritual progress.  The “Inner Cry,” as aspiration is also known, makes it easy to stay in your heart because it’s an actual, palpable feeling.  In fact, most seekers feel it in their daily life whenever they are not being distracted by outer activities.  Whenever you feel it, just know that it is your soul calling out to you and asking you to come home.


By virtue of our sleepless inner cries,

We definitely can enter into

A phenomenal state of consciousness.

                                                                             Sri Chinmoy