We all want more love in our lives, of course. But what is love? And how can we get more of it? Sri Chinmoy has some answers that may be surprising.

Love has another name: sacrifice. When sacrifice is pure, love is sure. When love is divine, in sacrifice there can be no “mine,” no “thine.”

Selfless love is when we love and don’t care for anything in return; we become one with the object of our adoration. In this love there is a subtle feeling that the Beloved will give us the best fruit because we will not bother Him with silly emotional problems or desires, with “Give me this,” or “Give me that.” In selfless love, that stage has been done away with. The seeker knows that the Supreme will give him something nice, something worth possessing; he has not to ask for anything. This is selfless love.

You do not have to prove

God’s Love for you.

Just feel that you live

Only for God’s Love.


–Sri Chinmoy, My Daily Heart Blossoms, New York: Agni Press, 1988, p. 173.