Mantras for physical and spiritual health


Mantras offer us a lot of help, both in our physical and in our spiritual lives. Here are some excerpts from Sri Chinmoy’s writings on mantras:

Mantra is a Sanskrit word. In Indian philosophy, spirituality and the inner life, mantras play a considerable role. A mantra is a syllable divinely surcharged with power….

When aspirants cannot enter into their deepest meditation because the mind is restless, this is their opportunity to use a mantra. ‘Supreme’, ‘Aum’, or ‘God’ can be repeated by anyone for a few minutes before he actually starts his meditation. The mantra should be repeated slowly and aloud….

If you are physically weak, if your physical constitution is not satisfactory, if you chant:

     Tejohasi tejomayi dhehi

     Viryamasi viryam mayi

     Valam masi valam mayi dhehi

sincerely and soulfully, in a week’s time you will see a change for the better in your health. It means:

I pray for dynamic energy;

I pray for dynamic virility;

I pray for indomitable physical strength.

Sri Chinmoy, Prayer-World, Mantra-World and Japa-World, New York: Agni Press, 1974, pp. 34-35, 38.

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