How to improve your meditation

  • Practice daily by yourself, in private, and don’t give up.  The mind is like a wild horse.  If the rider stays in the saddle, the horse will eventually become quiet.  Regularity is important because it trains the mind.
  • Practice morning meditation.  All the impressions of the preceding day are erased.  It gives us sustenance to carry us through the rest of the day.  But meditation may be done at any time during the day.  Early morning, sunset, and before retiring for the night are all excellent times.
  • Use the same location every day.  Whenever an intense thought is held uninterruptedly, the place becomes charged with the quality of it.  For example, this is what happens to the atmosphere of churches, mosques, and temples.  Since such places are used for thinking of God, you are uplifted merely by going there.  If possible, it also helps to use candles, flowers, and incense for your meditation.  Setting up a small meditation area in your room which you only use for meditation is an excellent idea.
  • Also practice with others, and associate with other meditators.  Being with others who are also meditating gives you group support.
  • Surround yourself with spiritual things that inspire you:  books, photographs or statues, art.  Make your home or room as beautiful and pure as possible.
  •  Do spiritual activities during the day:  read spiritual books, chant, sing, play spiritual music.
  • Encourage your higher qualities.  Your problems won’t disappear, but your approach to them will change and they won’t cause you as much stress.
  • If possible, bathe or wash before meditation.  Wear light-colored, loose and comfortable clothes, remove your shoes.  Don’t meditate immediately after eating.
  • If possible, maintain a vegetarian diet, don’t drink alcohol, don’t use drugs.  (Meat, alcohol, and drugs are all things which will lower your consciousness and hurt your meditation.)
  • If possible, take help from a spiritual teacher who has reached the highest goal and can help you inwardly.